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Turquoise is a powerful spiritual cleansing stone, removing and aligning the energies of the subtle body and the physical body. This alignment of energies brings deep wisdom and understanding to the surface, arousing kindness, trust, faith, and the ability to recognize the spiritual beauty in others.

Amethyst is a sacred stone to the love goddess, Venus. Its association with Venus makes these love stones conducive to attracting affection, enhancing sensuality and appreciating beauty in everything. Venus and amethyst also boost personal creativity and imagination. The stone, like Venus, is delicate and elegant. In turn, wearing amethyst will augur these qualities in us, as well as invoke sensual Venus in our lives.

Tiger’s Eye will help you understand how you’re truly feeling and give you that much-needed push in the right direction.

For individuals facing slumps and blocks, Tiger’s Eye helps the wearer to have will power to do anything. It is especially helpful for people who are ongoing lifestyle changes. It gives the wearer emotional stability and energy to go through any changes.


Crystal Healing: Beginner's Guide

Samnatha Howick has been teaching yoga & meditation for over 20 years, in this video Samantha will guide you to a few tips on crystal healing.
Different healing crystals have different energy vibrations and they serve to align us to higher & helpful frequencies. They connect us with our intuition and inner peace.



We offer you 100% genuine crystals and naturally energized with divine frequencies to protect your aura and attract all what you desire in life . Each piece is handcrafted from start to finish and all items are made with love just for you!

Note: All stones used in our products are 100% natural, the shape and color may vary from pictures depending on the original texture of the used stone.